#stayathome with Catarina Barros

#stayathome with Catarina Barros

#stayathome with Catarina Barros

Our Sales Representative


1- How is the current situation affecting your life and work?  The most important thing for me was not letting my routine die. With everything being closed arounds us, we all lost a bit of the sense of belonging so the fact that we kept working and fighting made me feel very confident. Of course, it’s hard being apart of those we cherish but it will only make us appreciate the little things more.

2- Where is your workspace at home? Was it easy to change your workstyle to your home environment?

I chose to work at the dining table, in my living room, since it allows me to have enough space for all the materials needed. The transition was easier that what I initially expected actually, due to the fact that my co-workers were always available to help me even farther apart. I believe our teamwork was a crucial point to such a successful adaptation.

3- Name one good thing about teleworking and one bad.

One good thing is that it kept us in a constant challenge, we were always learning new work methods due to the distance. The bad one is not being able to be at the office with my co-workers and not being able to see the production and materials up-close.


4- Which piece from Paulo Antunes or ALGA would you ask Santa for your home?

I absolutely love the Majestic armchair. I think it has such a classic yet very modern touch to it.


5- Do you have any suggestions for other professionals struggling with this situation?

Having a positive mindset is very important and we should always try to take the best of all situations. Even though we should be conscious, we should also be fearless of what is to come. This situation made us realize that we are capable of adapting to situations much more easily than we thought.

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