#stayathome with Catarina Peixoto

#stayathome with Catarina Peixoto

#stayathome with Catarina Peixoto

Our Social Media Manager


1- How is the current situation affecting your life and work?  I believe I am a person of routines and that would be the aspect that most affected me throughout this journey. I like to separate work from my personal life, and doing it all in one place was a process that required a positive mindset because we all had to make adjustments to get out of this together.

2- Where is your workspace at home? Was it easy to change your workstyle to your home environment?

Since my whole family is currently at home due to the current situation, I had the need to find a quieter space. I opted for my room due to the fact that I still have my desk from my university times. It took me some time to adapt to a new work place since things now work in a totally different way, however throughout the month I experienced a positive adaptation.

3- Name one good thing about teleworking and one bad.

For me, the positive thing is that there is no time wasted since I don’t have to drive to the office. The negative aspects would be that teamwork and social contact have to take second place in the list of our priorities.



4- Which piece from Paulo Antunes or ALGA would you ask Santa for your home?

IThe Alfama armchair is my favorite piece of the whole Paulo Antunes collection. It’s a piece that makes the space all by itself, because besides its comfort it has a handwork that makes anyone want to touch and see with attention the smallest details.


5- Do you have any suggestions for other professionals struggling with this situation?

The fundamental point is to maintain a positive mindset and appreciate the little things in life, because, by the time this is over, we must have our bateries fully charged in order to face all the new challenges and sequels that this pandemic will leave. If we all do our part, we will get out of this in the best possible way.



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