#stayathome with Andreia Macedo

#stayathome with Andreia Macedo

#stayathome with Andreia Macedo

our Commercial director

How is the current situation affecting your life and work?

I believe things turned out not to be as difficult as I possibly had predicted. Socially, of course I miss my family and friends, but in the end I consider myself lucky. After all, everyone I care about is healthy and safe, so I can say it is just a matter of time until we meet again. At work, we are also fortunate because solutions have been found to carry on with business, taking in consideration all the safety measures. On top of that, we are working on new strategies to reinvent ourselves.

Where is your workspace at home? Was it easy to change your workstyle to your home environment?

I chose to work at a window desk, with plenty of day light coming in. Maintaining the regular habits we have at the office is the best method to keep up with high levels of productivity. All of us working from home have access to the tools we need which were thought and provided by our company This was a key factor to accomplish a desirable result. As a human being, we adapt to the circumstances and always find our way through.

Name one good thing about teleworking and one bad.

The best thing about telework is avoiding the commute time between home and office, allowing us to have a better balance between work and personal life. The not so good thing about it would be the social distance between the elements of the team, which is such an important contribute for the sense of belonging.



Which piece from Paulo Antunes or ALGA would you ask Santa for your home?

The Otto dining table!I love the industrial design touch. It would be a the perfect Santa gift for this year to gather my family and friends at home for a wonderful dinner and celebrate what we took for guaranteed in the past.


Do you have any suggestions for other professionals struggling with this situation?

First of all, having a positive mindset and an open mind facing the current scenario is key. The impact of the pandemic will surely change the way we used to think and perform. New times call for new business approaches and will bring forth new leaderships. Being prepared for change and working our way through it will be a proof of resilience. My personal tip would be to invest in your inner self and be kind to each other, we are all on a learning curve.


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