Open Letter by Paulo Antunes

Dear clients and friends,

The company Paulo Antunes/ALGA, after analyzing the dimension of Covid-19, adopted new measurements of precaution and a firm position in times of uncertainty.

Highly restricted measurements adopted by us:

1. Everything is sanitized, multiple times a day;

2. Placement of hand-sanitizer in all departments of the company;

3. The entrance of outsiders is forbidden;

4. Closure of our showroom;

5.  Telework for all possible cases. The employees of high-risk will not be present at our facilities. As a team, it is our responsibility to look for one another.

All human life must be protected at all causes.

We took precautions against the virus also with the aim of keeping our good work as a company, trying our hardest to avoid the harsh consequences of an economical collapse. As I’ve always though, unfortunately, this is going to be a harsh and long-lasting crisis. With this in mind, we must be strong, resilient and assertive and do not let emotion and hysteria rule us.

If not by these terms, we are at risk of endlessly counting victims, not as a consequence of the virus itself but as an economical one. We do not want a downfall originated by this disease nor by the cure for it.  At times like this, we must show of what we are really made of.

We must be conscious of the enormous challenge ahead of us.

Like our ancestors who had the courage and boldness of fighting the unknown and unveiled seas, we have to prove that we are the heirs of this legacy.

I am aware that not all agree with my point of view. Furthermore, I am aware that we do not produce essential goods – however, is due to these goods that around 40 families are able to afford those essential ones.

I’ve always said that I would only close our facilities when in case of:

1. An employee being tested positive to Covid-19;

2. Absence of raw material by our suppliers / absence of orders by our clients;

3. Command of obligatory quarantine by the Portuguese government.

Until today, fortunately, neither of these 3 conditions were verified.

These crisis demands from us discipline, strength, hard work and effort – not only to conquer this virus but to avoid an economic crisis, as I know that money doesn’t grow on trees.

As CEO of this company, at this moment, I am only able to promise one thing:

I will fight will all my strengths, with all my energy, so we can become victorious in this daily challenge. We are currently at a fight with two distinct fronts: overcome the virus and develop our company.

These crises arrived quickly and fiercely and, when the end finally arrives, the union between all will be necessary to act effectively. For that, we must be strongly prepared.

With all said above, you can keep counting on us. Our suppliers keep on working. Our transporters are still in transit.

Therefore, we remain strict and cautions against Covid-19 and we will keep on fighting against the crisis.

Thank you all and stay safe – be protective of all.

We shall overcome.





Braga, March 23rd 2020

Paulo Antunes


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